Homeowners, Renters, Commercial, & Life Insurance in Richboro, Pennsylvania

Protect yourself from financial hardship with insurance from Gavaghan Family Insurance, Inc. in Richboro, Pennsylvania. Our insurance agency offers commercial, renters, homeowners, and life insurances.

House, Homeowners & Life Insurance in Holland, PA

Homeowner's Insurance

A homeowner's insurance policy covers your family's home and its contents including personal belongings. We can insure single-family homes, condos, townhomes, rental properties, vacation homes, and more. We have a wide range of carriers and options including scheduled personal property like jewelry, artwork, and collectibles. We welcome homeowners with pools and pets. Discounts include security/alarm, claims free, and multi-policy.

Renter's Insurance

Your landlord has no responsibility to pay to replace your personal property. Renter's insurance provides financial protection and may protect you in the event of fire and smoke damage, theft, vandalism, damage from windstorms and hail, damage from explosions, water damage, hazards, injuries to visitors, lost or stolen property while traveling, and more.

Replacement costs for everything could be pretty significant. This might include furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry, sports equipment, kitchenware, and more.

Types of Renters Insurance Policies

1. Actual Cash Value – Coverage that pays to replace your possessions up to policy limit, minus deduction for depreciation.
2. Replacement Cost – Coverage that pays the actual cost of replacing your possessions up to policy limit without deductions for depreciation.

Renters insurance can cost as little as $12 a month and can be paid monthly or annually.

Family, Homeowners & Life Insurance in Holland, PA

Life Insurance

Your family may depend on you for such things as house payments, education expenses, and maintaining a certain lifestyle. If something happened to you, would your family be financially secure? Call us today to protect your family’s financial future.

Life Insurance Can Help:

• Replace Income to Maintain Your Family’s
  Standard of Living
• Create a Fund for Future Rent Payments
• Create an Education Fund for Your Children
• Pay off Your Mortgage Loans, Taxes, or Other
  Personal/Business Debts

• Pay Final Expenses, Such as Funeral Costs
• Create a Family Emergency Fund

Commercial Building, Homeowners & Life Insurance in Holland, PA

No matter what your future health, your policy will stay in force as long as premiums are paid. Whole-life and multiple forms of universal life and permanent life insurance plans build cash values on a tax-favored basis and can be borrowed against.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial products we offer include general liability, workers' compensation, business, auto, and commercial umbrella insurance.

Contact our insurance agency today to request a quote on a homeowners, renters, life, or commercial insurance policy.